NFTeGG moving from ETH to BNB Network.

Today we would like to share with you the details of the network migration, the airdrop and the remaining process.

The transfer as well as the server changeover worked without major problems. All NFTeGG’s were cloned into the BNB network and handed over to their rightful owner.

During the move the egg with the ID #1656 fell down and broke, so there will be only 6999 eGG’s in the first series instead of 7000 as planned.

As well as the eGG’s were distributed, the new eFAME were also distributed and each egg was credited with 500 eFAME for the…

Looks like we found our new home…

NFTeGG — Rebuild from ETH to BSC.

Dear eFAME friends,
today we would like to present you our “roadmap” for our ecosystem, which has unfortunately slipped back a bit due to various influences, but is still our main goal. Today we would like to give you an outlook of the process.

Due to some changes in the team and the freezing of liquidity, we were unfortunately not able to act earlier and the existing capacities were and are currently needed for the operation and smooth running of the future move.

As already announced, staking will continue to run normally until…

… and more plans for the future.

Dear citizens and friends of Clopia,
the last few days have unfortunately thrown us and our current plans into disarray. We are currently working on several solutions in the team but unfortunately can not yet present a final decision or development.

A short summary :
The planning as well as alpha phase around NFTeGG started at an ETH price of about $300. At that time one egg cost 0.1 ETH ($30) as well as about $2 — $5 fee. Short-term Gwei fluctuations could be compensated by the low ETH price.

Current Situation :

Today we are happy to announce the new referral feature for NFTeGG.
From now on, every user can simply and with one click, copy their referral link and send it to friends, colleagues or publish it on social media.

Last week our DeFi NFT and LP Farm started and was a great success. In a very short time 500 eGGs have taken their place in the farm and currently there are almost 800 in it. We are happy that the farm is well received and want to give you an overview of the future Deveploments.

#1500 NFTeGG’s sold and the farming begins.

To bring some life and natural movement into our ecosystem we are currently working on some processes and possibilities that we would like to present to you. …

why i should Invest in NFTeGG ? and where is the different to “Degen” DeFi X ?

NFTeGG Surprise Series #1 iClops.

At this moment one DeFi project after the other appears as fast as it comes and disappears again.

  • what are the differences ?
  • why is an ecosystem important ?
  • and what should I look out for ?

This post should give you a small overview what makes NFTeGG so special, and where exactly the differences to other “FOMO” DeFI projects are.

What are the differences in DeFi, Staking and Token Projects and System’s ?

  1. Total Supply
    Most projects have no supply limit, they just keep on mining if they need it for a Reward or Payment 💸.
    NFTeGG started with 10.000.000 eFAME and different burn mechanism as there is NO WAY !

eFAME is the Ecosystem and Reward Token for NFTeGG.

Today we would like to show you how eFAME is related to NFTeGG
and what advantages both systems have from each other.

eFAME Token Details

NFTeGG Surprise — NFT & DeFi Guide.

This article is for you, if

  • you want to know what the NFTeGG project is about.
  • you want to get a basic understanding of DeFi and how to use it to stake and farm rare eFAME tokens.
  • you want to know how to purchase eGGs to start collecting and how to setup your NFTs for staking and how to farm eFAME.

The idea

fundamentals explained is one of the latest projects created with smart-contract technology on the Ethereum network. …

NFTeGG Surprise

innovative DeFi and NFT collection project

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