NFTeGG vs. “Degen” DeFi Projects

why i should Invest in NFTeGG ? and where is the different to “Degen” DeFi X ?

NFTeGG Surprise Series #1 iClops.

At this moment one DeFi project after the other appears as fast as it comes and disappears again.

  • what are the differences ?

This post should give you a small overview what makes NFTeGG so special, and where exactly the differences to other “FOMO” DeFI projects are.

What are the differences in DeFi, Staking and Token Projects and System’s ?

  1. Total Supply
    Most projects have no supply limit, they just keep on mining if they need it for a Reward or Payment 💸.
    NFTeGG started with 10.000.000 eFAME and different burn mechanism as there is NO WAY ! to mine future eFAME the Value will grow steady and allows us to ensure a stable chart.

Why is an ecosystem for a DeFi Project important ?

For a Defi project, the heart of the whole thing is its ecosystem and tokennomics. As soon as worthless or dead couples appear in an ecosystem, this part of the ecosystem pulls the whole system down in the long run or reflects a false value to the customer.

Ogri Clops

This is exactly the reason why we at NFTeGG decided against letting anyone participate in our ecosystem for free. of course, from a marketing point of view, it is not a smart move to demand money from your “investors” and supporters, but it is the only way to build a stable base for an ecosystem.

Continuous burning, not giving away large sums of tokens, and not endless supply are just some of the advantages that the NFTeGG project offers your supporters and invetors. At least we are a funny and crazy crew and happy about any new Face in Cloptopia 😎.

What should I look out for as i like to invest in a DeFi Project ?

If you consider all 8 points of the above list, you should be able to quickly see if a Degen DeFi project can develop a value or if it is a previously defined downward loop.

Go into the social media of your desired investment and see what they report about themselves or get in contact with the community in telegram or discord. If you meet people with whom you have fun on a project, you should also make your choice there.

But if you are impatient and only want to make a dull profit, maybe no community project is right for you, especially since there is always a give and take side on community projects ✌️.



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