NFTeGG and BSC in 2021

NFTeGG — Rebuild from ETH to BSC.
NFTeGG — Restart June 13th on BSC.

Our goal is to launch on June 13th with a new ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain and a new pair eFAME / BSC on Pancakeswap.

  • All NFTeGG’s that currently exist will be snapshotted and moved 1:1 to the Binance Smart Chain. No matter if the NFT is in the wallet or in the farm, the owner will get it credited 1:1 on the new chain.
  • eFAME as well as Staking Rewards will not be copied or captured.
    Each Staker should have retrieved their Reward and convert it to ETH via Uniswap by May 31, before the pair is closed on May 31.
  • From June 13, the new farm will be launched on the Binance Smart Chain, as well as the already new built features with in the contracts.
… we look for new worlds …

We hope that we could give you an insight into the future of the NFTeGG’s and look forward to our new home.



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