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4 min readDec 9, 2020

Last week our DeFi NFT and LP Farm started and was a great success. In a very short time 500 eGGs have taken their place in the farm and currently there are almost 800 in it. We are happy that the farm is well received and want to give you an overview of the future Deveploments.

#1500 NFTeGG’s sold and the farming begins.

To bring some life and natural movement into our ecosystem we are currently working on some processes and possibilities that we would like to present to you. Some of these are still in the alpha stage and we will develop them to the point where they fit into our ecosystem and we can take advantage of them.

The Future in Clopia…👀🎲 🎮

After we got a lot of feedback the last days concerning the farm, the general process as well as the network, we would like to give you an overview in which direction we are heading right now.

  • Network
    We have received a number of suggestions the ETH network is a solid base but due to the current Gwei standard and pricing not very interesting in the microtransaction area we use with our farm and NFT’s.

    Already looked at various networks such as BSC, Enjin or Cardano but currently we do not find the right transition or extension for our ecosystem. All these networks would mean a pure “copy” of our basic idea and would have to be supported with liquidity, maintenance and development.

    As we are still looking for an extension or a bridge that can be used in the new network. But until now we have not found a useful starting point.
  • Gaming Feature
    The basic idea behind NFTeGG was to create an ecosystem that would benefit from collections, collectors, NFT trading, eFAME farming and other aspects.

    In the development phase we have tried different gaming variations where NFT’s can fight each other or use the remaining attributes differently. Unfortunately, we did not come to a solution that really corresponds to the gas / use and the customers would have to get their items from the farm for this purpose.

    That’s why we pushed the whole thing a little bit to the back in order to build the important basis stones and use them afterwards.
  • Merchandise and Franchise
    Currently we are testing different ways to market the merchandise and get it online. Our goal is to build a store that can ship the merchandise worldwide and also accepts eFAME.

    And we are in talks with various partners to develop various articles, gimmicks and other interesting items from the iClops series. As soon as we have news in this field we will let you know.

Development and Inventive… 👂🙌🍧

So that we can give you an insight into our work, we would like to give you an overview of what we will publish next and what will be the incentive to participate in our system.

  • Recycling Process ♻️
    this process was already online, but due to a small error in the contract it is currently not usable anymore. We have already fixed it, but since this process requires an eFAME pool we will publish it with the referral system.
  • Referral System 👥
    Also we would like to thank you for each recommendation or link and will publish a referral system. It will be that for every NFTeGG purchase through a special link for the referrer there will be a reward in eFAME. As soon as we are done with this, more details will follow.
  • Escrow / Trading Area 💁
    Since there are always problems with exchanging NFTeGG’s without one party taking a “risk”, we are currently looking at different ways to get an escrow contract. The goal is that users can make their NFTeGG’s available to other NFTeGG’s and the whole thing will be done through a contract as an middleman.
  • ERC721 Box / Create 🍘
    An interesting solution we found the last days is, to create an ERC721 NFT which works like a box where you can store e.g. different NFT’s or ERC20s in it and we could offer this box on the marketplaces even if they only support ERC721.
  • eFAME Marketplace / Reward Area 🎭
    To bring more movement into our eFAME token we are currently working on 2 different systems.
  1. eFame Marketplace
    A marketplace where it is possible to offer, buy or trade other NFT’s, services or other services via eFAME. The whole thing should take place on a decentralized location and be accessible for every participant at any time. Our plans are based on an IPFS marketplace but exact details will follow.
  2. Reward Area
    We are currently in talks with various artists from the NFT scene and hope to announce more details in the near future. Our goal here is to provide different NFT’s or one-time rewards that can only be redeemed with eFAME.

All in all, we receive new inquiries every day, we find new interesting projects or ideas that we continue to follow, try out, implement or reject again. But it is difficult to present daily innovations that change the world from one moment to the next. 😂😉

As our small list here shows, we still have a lot to do with NFTeGG, and are happy about everyone who accompanies us from the beginning and grows up with us.

That’s why we work in a continuous process to keep you up to date, to ask for your ideas or to be happy about any help at any time.

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