NFTeGG — new Referral Feature

NFTeGG Surprise
Dec 14, 2020


Today we are happy to announce the new referral feature for NFTeGG.
From now on, every user can simply and with one click, copy their referral link and send it to friends, colleagues or publish it on social media.

Copy your Referral Link to Clipboard.

For every NFTeGG sold, the first 100 Ref’s will be credited with 250 eFAME (~$9) each eGG and for a package of 6, there will be 1500 eFAME(~$52).
After the 100 are reached, the amount will be halved automatically, but will be adjusted again by us if necessary.

Only sales with ETH will be rewarded, eFAME and Own purchases are excluded from the payment.

Among the first 100 referrals we will raffle an additional OgriClops -> a Example Ref Link looks like ->

We wish every participant a lot of fun and success! 😎 ✌️