NFTeGG, eFAME, Staking, Burn & Farming Details.

NFTeGG Surprise
3 min readDec 1, 2020
eFAME is the Ecosystem and Reward Token for NFTeGG.

Today we would like to show you how eFAME is related to NFTeGG
and what advantages both systems have from each other.

eFAME Token Details

eFAME Token Logo

Uniswap Start 11/26/20

Total Supply : 10.000.000
Uniswap Pool : 4.500.000
Reward Pool : 4.000.000
Presale Pool : 1.000.000
Service Pool : 500.000

Our eFAME Token was launched on Uniswap with 108 ETH and 4.500.000 eFAME in our Liquidity Pool and a start price of 0.000024 ETH. After early trading and attaining a brief peak at 0.0001ETH, we found our base price at ~0.00005.

The eFAME Token is the Ecosystem and Reward Token for NFTeGG. When a User buys an “Action Ticket” 🎫, an NFTeGG in our Shop or a eGG on OpenSea the eFAME Token will gain a benefit from it through our buy back and burn mechanism.

eFAME Tokenomics Flowchart.

eFAME Burning Details

Our NFTeGG Series #1 for example provide 100ETH to burn the eFAME supply, Series #2 will provide 50% and every following one +5% from the total sales amount.

🔥 🔥 🔥 Burn eFAME 🔥 🔥 🔥

In our first Week we just burned 🔥 333,626.10044 eFAME (14ETH) 🔥 and there are still 86ETH left. Here is a link to the burner wallet Balance ->

At this moment the eGG Counter shows #1246 NFTeGGs are born and as soon we hit the #1500 eGG’s our Farm will start.

NFTeGG Farm & Staking Details

Our Service Farm provide our User 3 different ways to Stake a collateral and earn eFAME over time on each Block.

  1. NFTeGG Series #1 Items
  2. eFAME Uniswap LP Token
  3. external NFT’s (This Part is open yet and reserved for Future Partners)

NFTeGG Series #1 Items
Every NFTeGG NFT has different Attributes and Stats and Value. For our Farm we use the Parameter “Power” as base multiplier and once the Farm is started, every User will be able to deposit their NFTeGG’s Items and get a Reward for each Block the Item is staked into the farm.

Every Item has the ability to use a “Staking Booster”. This Booster can activated in the Inventory for any Item in single. Each activation costs an “Action Ticket” 🎫 and will burn this Ticket from the User Inventory upon use.

The Staking formular will be like the following example :
Block Time * Power * NFTeGG-Multi* Staking Booster

The “NFTeGG-Multi” is a constant which is setup from the Team to be sure we can guarantee a fair and long term distribution for any participant.

NFTeGG Serie #1 — iClops

eFAME Uniswap LP Token
Uniswap Support any ERC20 Token the same as eFAME and allow Users to Stake their eFAME linked with the same amount of ETH to the Uniswap Pool. For this “exchange” the Liquidity Provider (LP) get LP Token equivalent to there Stake.

This LP Token will also be able like the NFTeGG to Stake as Collateral in our Farm and generate new eFAME overtime.

External NFT Staking
Our Farm provide the possibility to work with any ERC721 NFT we like to Support, but as we spend real eFAME as reward we both need a benefit from this. That is why this option is availible but not in use yet. Interested ?
Write a mail to “” and we like to talk about a collaboration.