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NFTeGG: Collect, Farm, Stake — A Beginner’s Guide

NFTeGG Surprise


This article is for you, if

  • you want to know what the NFTeGG project is about.
  • you want to get a basic understanding of DeFi and how to use it to stake and farm rare eFAME tokens.
  • you want to know how to purchase eGGs to start collecting and how to setup your NFTs for staking and how to farm eFAME.

The idea

fundamentals explained is one of the latest projects created with smart-contract technology on the Ethereum network. All interactions by the user are stored on its blockchain — immutable, secure and with some of the latest concepts of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) in mind.

On its surface NFTeGG looks like a neat digital collecting game with a random surprise factor, but don’t let that distract you from the fact that NFT eGG currently offers some of the best approaches for DeFi known in the field.

Yield Farming has received a lot of attention in the cryptocurrency space over the last few months. picks up some of the best concepts found in DeFi projects and combines them with collectible NFTs (Non-Fungible-Tokens) as well as liquidity mining and a special eFAME token for a seamless and unique user-experience. eFAME will be listed for trading on

Whereas other projects often focus on short-lived staking or farming models, NFTeGG is set up with a sustainable and long-living ecosystem in mind.

It offers three substantial incentives for participants in the project:

1) Rare NFTs with a variety of unique features and stats, resulting in a high level of collectable value.
There are 70 completely different tokens, 10 of them with an increased rarity (1 in 7) and extended chances of dropping high levels of the inherent Power and Fame stats. For detailed info read the doc about distribution and rarity.

2) Each item (NFT) has different properties, one of them called Power. This Power value is fundamentally important for the amount of Yield Farming a participant can take part in. Via some clever Ethereum smart contract solutions on the back-end side, owners of these NFTs (purchasable with ETH here) can use the Farm in the app (see link) to approve and stake each of their eGG-NFTs to generate eFAME over time. See the official doc’s for more info.

Thanks to the smart mechanisms in the contract, eFAME rarity increases over time due to our burn mechanics. See Fig.1 for details.

Fig. 1: eFAME is burned on many interactions increasing its rarity over time. eFAME will allow owners to purchase future series of NFTeGG and can be changed into other tokens via Uniswap.

3) Liquidity mining, another way to generate eFame: By providing liquidity for the trading pair ETH ↔ eFAME on Uniswap and then staking these LP UNI2 tokens via the eFAME/ETH LP Farm on For more info, read the official doc’s.


what you need to get started

1. To be able to participate in the NFTeGG ecosystem and profit from its DeFi and NFT mechanisms, you need Ether (ETH) and a working Metamask wallet.

Get metamask here:

Guide on how to setup and use metamask.

2.Once you have your own wallet set-up and have some ETH (minimum 0.1 + transaction fees for the network), you can go ahead and buy your first eGG by connecting metamask on

3. With your new eGGs (NFTs) you can now start farming eFame and boosting them or sell them on OpenSea.

Collecting, Farming & Staking

All infos regarding collectable NFTs and their unique properties can be found here: NFTeGGs.

For a tutorial on how to setup farming (aka NFTeGG staking): read this article.

To setup liquidity mining, please refere to this tutorial.

About eFame

eFAME logo.

eFAME Tokens are used as reward tokens for any NFT Surprise series and in general are used as utility tokens for voting, rewards and other purposes, some of them still in development.

Total Supply: 10,000,000 eFAME

  • LP Base Market : 5,000,000 eFAME
  • Staking Reward : 4,000,000 eFAME
  • Presale Amount: 1,000,000 eFAME á 0.00002 ETH/eFAME

Presale will be split in to 20 Parts each with 50,000 eFAME for 1ETH.

  • This money will be used in Uniswap Base Market as Liquidity Provider.

Uniswap Listing ETH/eFAME

  • Base Liquidity 120ETH / 5,000,000 eFAME
  • Start Uniswap Saleprice 0.000024 ETH/eFAME

Action Ticket: A Unique Staking Booster

Action Ticket: a unique NFT function.

NFTeGG offers a unique mechanism giving each NFT the ability to switch their item to “active” through a user interaction on the Blockchain and animate the NFT. As a neat “side-effect”, this will also boost your staking rewards in the Farm.
See for more info.

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