Migration, Airdrop, PanCake & Status Update

NFTeGG Surprise
2 min readJun 14, 2021


NFTeGG moving from ETH to BNB Network.

Today we would like to share with you the details of the network migration, the airdrop and the remaining process.

The transfer as well as the server changeover worked without major problems. All NFTeGG’s were cloned into the BNB network and handed over to their rightful owner.

During the move the egg with the ID #1656 fell down and broke, so there will be only 6999 eGG’s in the first series instead of 7000 as planned.

As well as the eGG’s were distributed, the new eFAME were also distributed and each egg was credited with 500 eFAME for the support as well as the loyalty.

Participants of old raffles, airdrops as well as other systems were also randomly selected for a small airdrop.

Pancake Swap & Silent Launch
At the same time as we made the airdrop, we also opened the new pair
eFAME / BNB on Pancake Swap.

Contract Address : 0xbbc5418843a6dadd84ee70205124d8b8c4a6f816

This time we have deliberately decided for a small and silent start because last time we had massive bot and fake problems which this time almost did not exist. We will progressively fill up the market with liquidity but everything takes some time.

Total status overview
Webpage :
The site now work exclusively in the BNB network. All functions except Referral Bounty and Recycling have been restored and are up and running.
Even the farm is now running again, but we still have to fine-tune it in payout.

As the eGG sale starts again the price will be adjusted, 1BNB is wrong !

Pancake :
The Market is up and running just add the Contract Address :
For a better overview just visit dex.guru on eFAME BSC

NFT Markets :
Currently we are in talks about a marketplace, but we don’t have a partner yet. As soon as we have a solution we will inform you again.

We are happy that everything has gone smoothly so far and hope that everything works out as planned. We will keep you up to date in any case.